Neighbourhood Plan Pool-in-Wharfedale


In and around Pool Village Memorial Hall

The second of four themed consultation and engagement events with community members for the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Pool-in-Wharfedale on ‘Spaces’ took place on Sunday, 14 June 2015 in the Village Hall in the afternoon together with the opening of Pool Riverside Park. Aimed at residents there was an opportunity to discuss, inform themselves on existing spaces in the community and respond to a survey that was handed out to all attendees. While the weather was not supportive of a huge turnout, 53 questionnaires were filled out by residents from 5 to 80+, which was a terrific outcome for a rainy day.

If you haven’t yet responded to the survey on Spaces, you can fill out the online version HERE.

What spaces?

This list is an attempt to ensure that we do not forget any of our spaces in the course of our discussions. It does not consider issues such as ownership or rights of way, nor is it drawn up in any precise manner. We have to remember, too, that our own private gardens also make an important contribution to the ‘spaces’ of our Neighbourhood.

Public Amenity Land:

  • RGMC lands – playing fields, tennis courts and riverside (Pool Riverside Park)
  • Parish Council playgrounds and skateboard park, Pool village
  • Old Pool Bank Village Hall playground and car park
  • Pool Village Hall car park
  • Pool Memorial Gardens
  • Stocks Hill
  • Church Lane
  • Woodland / Old Quarry, off Old Pool Bank

Private Land with public access:

  • Churchyard – St Wilfrid’s
  • Avenue des Hirondelles
  • Cabin Road

Private Agricultural Land:

  • Farmland and woods south of Leeds Road, up to the Parish boundary (in and around Old Pool Bank village and the Pool part of Otley Chevin)
  • Overdale Manor fields and woodland south of Old Pool Bank but north of Cabin Road
  • Fields north of Old Pool Bank but south of the disused railway
  • Fields north of the disused railway between Whiteleys, Church Close and Otley Road
  • Caley Hall and fields west of Whiteleys up to the boundary
  • The riverside field north of Otley Road and west of Pool Bridge
  • Fields north of Arthington Lane between Tower Drive and Arthington Beck, including part of Pool Court Arena and the dismantled railway
  • Pool Crook and fields south of Arthington Lane, bounded by the River Wharfe and Arthington Beck, including small fields between the houses

Other Private Land:

  • Land to the north of Chapel Row, adjoining Churchill Flats
  • Private riverside, eg Troutbeck
  • School gardens, playground and car park

Although very diverse in their ownership, characters and functions, all these spaces contribute to the quality of life in Pool-in-Wharfedale. Some are only views from our cars or houses, whilst others are the places where we love to walk, cycle, rest or play. They are all very important to us, and should feature in our Neighbourhood Planning Process. We would be much poorer without them.

Many of these spaces may appear to be secure from development but history has shown us that nothing is actually secure. The Leeds Housing Allocations Plan has already put much of the agricultural land under threat by proposing to remove its Green Belt status in order to enable road and house-building in the future. Some of the private land is already owned by developers who bought it with the intention of building on it. Some of the farmland is already pledged to construction companies. Some of our gardens are large enough for owners to be tempted to sell those for building.

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