Leeds Bradford® Airport unveils a new Masterplan outlining its vision for the future the ‘Route to 2030’

  • Upgraded airport entrance and commercial gateway development
  • ‘Commercial Hub’ and airport hotel in close proximity to terminal
  • Rail connectivity linking Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York including ‘Parkway’ station and Tram Train / Light Rail options
  • Upgraded road access and public transport enhancements

Timely expansion of terminal building and investment in apron infrastructure (March 3rd 2016 – Leeds) Leeds Bradford® Airport has today launched its Strategic Development Plan (SDP) outlining how the airport could grow and develop over the next 15 years. This new Masterplan highlights the ambitions of Yorkshire’s gateway airport up to 2030 alongside indicating the significant economic benefits that the airport will deliver over this period. Today’s announcement marks the commencement of a consultation period with the local and regional community as Leeds Bradford® asks for views and comments on the future developments at the airport over the next 15 years. The Masterplan highlights how the airport might be developed upto 2030 including extensions to the terminal, improved surface transport access links, an airport hotel close to the terminal, a new ‘commercial hub’ including an airport village, an innovation park and freight park. Proposals also include additional apron parking, construction of new taxiways alongside provision of additional car parking facilities. Leeds Bradford® also confirms the important role and major economic impact the airport provides to the Leeds City Region. LBA presently contributes £336m in GVA to the Leeds City Region and around 5,200 jobs but if the airport grows in line with the SDP it expects these figures to grow to £724m and deliver over 10,000 jobs by 2030.

John Parkin, Chief Executive of Leeds Bradford® Airport, said:

“Leeds Bradford’s ‘Route to 2030’ Strategic Development Plan supports our vision to be an ‘outstanding regional airport, connecting Yorkshire with the world’ and builds upon the recent investments undertaken at the airport. We are planning to continue our growth to support the progress of the Leeds City region and maximise the economic benefit our airport can provide as the international gateway to Yorkshire. We are now seeking comments and suggestions from the local community to inform the next stage in the Masterplan’s development.”

Councillor Judith Blake, Leader of Leeds City Coucil commented:

“The significance of Leeds Bradford Airport to the regional economy should not be underestimated. It is expected that this growth and developments at Leeds Bradford will lead to the creation of a modern, attractive and vibrant gateway to Leeds and the wider Yorkshire region.”

Councillor David Green, Leader of City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council said:

“Leeds Bradford is one of the key economic drivers for the region. We are committed to working with the airport to support them building their national and international market to support our commitment to building a first class regional economy.”

Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) commented:

“We are fortunate to have Leeds Bradford Airport at the heart of the City Region. The airport has a key role to play in supporting the City Region’s future economic growth alongside fulfilling the LEP’s vision to unlock the potential of the region and developing an economic powerhouse that will create jobs and prosperity.’’

The ‘Route to 2030’ - Strategic Development Plan and Surface Access Strategy documents and infor- mation relating to the formal consultation process can be found at:


In addition Leeds Bradford® has arranged for both consultation documents to be viewed at libraries and public buildings across the region during March and April. Full details and dates are listed on the airport’s website.