The engagement and consulting phase with community members for the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Pool-in-Wharfedale started on 7 February 2015 with an information event in the Village Hall. Over 100 people from all age groups came between 11 and 3pm on Saturday to learn more about the NP, its process and its importance, to meet the 10 Steering Group members and to find out about local groups and businesses. 

There was quite a buzz in the hall as people used the opportunity for discussion of their concerns, and also reflected about what they liked about Pool-in-Wharfedale. Children produced some very imaginative pictures about what they like to see in Pool in the future. Greg Mulholland, MP, paid a visit and was impressed by the interest of community members in the NP for Pool. 

Over 95% of people who came are interested in coming back to the upcoming four topic-specific consultation events during 2015. The next one will be on Business and Employment on Thursday, 26th March.

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