Strategic Delivery

The Pool Neighbourhood Plan will be delivered and implemented over the plan period 2019- 2028. It seeks to provide the focus for change within Pool, but is not a rigid ‘blue-print’, rather a framework for change. The plan will be subject to annual monitoring by the Parish Council and to periodic review, again by the Council, certainly at the end of the plan period, but earlier if circumstances require.

The core planning policies of the Plan, once properly formulated and adopted, will be delivered through their application by the planning officers and members of LCC, as the determining body for those applications (or by the Secretary of State in the case of Appeals) and by the actions of developers, in accordance with planning permissions granted by LCC and associated planning conditions. Section 106 Agreements should work to mitigate site development impacts in line with Plan policies where required.

In addition, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), collected by LCC as a ‘tax’ on development, should help to pay for any infrastructure needed as a result of growth within Pool Parish, including any school expansion/improvement, greenspace, flood defences and transport improvements. CIL is a relatively new levy on development introduced by Government in 2008 and implemented in Leeds by the City Council in late 2014.

Local Delivery

Alongside LCC’s role in relation to CIL, the Parish Council is also a potential beneficiary of the levy (n.b. eligible development dependent), currently entitled to receive 15% of all CIL income on eligible developments within the parish to spend on local projects related to new development, rising to 25% once the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted.

Project Delivery Plan

This Policy Intentions Document already identifies a significant number and wide range of themed non-planning actions/projects identified and supported by the local community. There is scope to add to this list during the course of the Neighbourhood Plan preparation process.

These actions and projects will be delivered in a variety of pro-active ways, by a range of potential agencies and organisations, including LCC, the National Lottery, local voluntary groups and of course the Parish Council itself, either through CIL income (as referenced above) or through its own resources.

The final Neighbourhood Plan will pull together all identified community actions/projects into a ‘Project Delivery Plan’ listing them in terms of priority, theme, title, brief description, potential funding source, responsible body and potential partners. This will be subject to ongoing monitoring, annual review and roll forward.