Wharfedale Greenway Phase 1 - Burley-in-Wharfedale to Otley

Client: Parish Councils
Cycling and walking are two of the most readily accessible means of maintaining one’s health and at the same time reducing one’s carbon footprint. Not only that, they can be done at any level, from the committed racing cyclist or long distance walker to the daily walk or cycle to the newsagent; both are important and contribute to the wellbeing of
a community.

Burley in Wharfedale Station is 20m lower than Menston Station and a route there from Otley might be even more of a prize than to the slightly nearer Menston. The only current alternative to the railway route is the main Ilkley Road A660. The two routes are shown

on the map. In addition there might be merit in considering bridging the Wharfe just upstream of the sewage works and weaving a countryside path around the worked out gravel pits. This would be particularly advantageous for the Western part of Otley.

The distances for each route are similar, about 4.5km (3 miles), but the A660 route requires the least construction, just 1.4km of new path. However even if this new path was set well back from the road, in a greenway of its own, it would still be close to the traffic and rather less attractive than the railway alignment. Despite this, we think that one of these A660/ riverside options would be the best for the Otley – Burley link, but there is a need to link Menston as well. The railway path is the only option which has the capability of linking Otley to both Menston and Burley Stations, and also of linking together all three communities for local trips and meetings. So the railway path is the recommended scheme.