Wharfedale Greenway Phase 3 - Menston / Menston Station link

Client: Parish Councils
Cycling and walking are two of the most readily accessible means of maintaining one’s health and at the same time reducing one’s carbon footprint. Not only that, they can be done at any level, from the committed racing cyclist or long distance walker to the daily walk or cycle to the newsagent; both are important and contribute to the wellbeing of
a community.

The key link to the station follows Beech Close to cross Burley Road and link to Carlrayne Lane. Burley Road itself requires a toucan crossing to give a degree of priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

The lane is an attractive feature running up the back of Moorland Crescent and Halstead Drive. It retains its rural feel and has adequate width to be resurfaced as a shared use route.

The link to Moorland Crescent, and indeed Halstead Drive, needs to be formalised.

Some work is needed to ease the gradient of the existing bridge over the mainline railway and its approaches. On the southern side, there is ample space to creat a ramped appraoch in the wide verge of Westbourne Drive which leads on to Menston Station.

Carlrayne Lane continues southwards and it could be rebuilt as far as its connection to Victoria Avenue and Fairfax Avenue in order to give access to the western part of Menston.

Westbourne Drive is unadopted and in poor repair. The 2.5m wide tarmac path could be situated within 3m verge as shown. Alternatively the whole road width could be made up to a good standard.

The final link onto Menston Station platform can best be achieved by a short ramp at the end of the platform in order to avoid the up and down steps near the station bridge. Extensive cycle parking should be provided on the south side of the station so as to avoid the need for the public to take their bicycles over the footbridge.